Hello world!

This is my first one so let´s not waist any time & start right away! I have a lot of clothes to show and thoughts to share! To all of my friends that´ll actually read this page; -oh for the love of GOD, I KNOW you have better things to do! 😉 But thanx for reading anyway 🙂

I´m just getting started but here I want to share the things that are on my mind, in my closet, things that I wish were in my closet or some of the music that I write. Maybe I´ll even throw in some intellectual stuff, beware 😉 But all this will take a little time because I´ve never done this before.

So. How the *** can I add some pictures…..oooo, found it!

I love this season because of the wonderful clothing. Here are 3 of my favorite garment the next 2 months…

Some October flavour

Some October flavour

I´m loving the inside of it….

Hope you like them!

Ok, gotta go. Anna is helping me with some serious shit. Anna, you know what I´m talking about 😉

Malin: I´m out!

Good night cupcakes 😉


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