Fab hair & fab shoes

The hair is really important, not so much when looking at people that usually don´t “care”, it´s not something I think of generally, but you can on the other hand really see when someone´s taking care of his or her hair, on the color, the hairdo and the style. It adds that something extra & makes the rest look really good.

My mom always used (& still does) to say that if the top and the bottom (the head and the shoes) look good, so does the rest. And that is really true! You can get away with a lot of stuff if you have the top & bottom right.

Here are some hairstyles that I love. The color and cut is great…

Tyra Banks


From: starpulse.com

A close-up:

Tyra Banks-JTM-033228.jpg

Also from starpulse.com

Camilla Belle shows this hairdo off with looong & very shiny hair! A great combo!:

From: superiorpics.com

Tyra Banks again in lovely curls:

Tyra Banks-11.jpg

From: starpulse.com

Jennifer Aniston is the queen of good hair:

From: prom-hairstyle.blogspot.com

Victoria Beckhams wonderful haircut:

From: mahjoob.com

From: discoveringhair.wordpress.com

Tyra Banks did it too 😉 :

From: sofeminine.co.uk

Marcia Cross (I love the colors in this pic!)

From: keepsakeconcepts.com

Emmanuelle Chriqui

(click on the link to make it bigger)

From mtv.com

From movies.about.com

Penelope Cruz

(click on the link to make it bigger)

From celebrity-exchange.com

Cool updo:

From: goodhousekeeping.com

The lovely Swedish Mini Andén (I love cool updos in an everyday use):

From: fashionbox.17.forumer.com

The beautiful Lindsay Price in an updo that makes any classic style look more interesting!:

From: tvdramas.about.com

Here´s a really easy & fast way to make a super classy updo! Variate the colors for different occasions! Enjoy!:

Those who have a really classic style should pay more attention to their hair, so that the look won´t become booring.

Oh so cute Barbie-hair:

From: buzzfoto.com

She really has lovely hair!:

From: monstersandcritics.com

Katie Holmes:

From: stylefrizz.com

Mischa Barton:

From oceleb.com

Jessica Simpson:

From: world-haircuts.blogspot.com

Katherine McPhee (from American Idol):

From: askmen.com

She is so beautiful & has really great hair! Here´s a video with her & I absolutely love this song. It´s a bit Beyoncé but who cares…she´s a great singer & the song makes me really happy. What do you think? Enjoy:

If you can´t see it click here

Rachel Bilson (it always hits me how alike she is Cindy Crawford, don´t you think?):

From askmen.com

Cindy Crawford:

From askmen.com

Madonna´s style is inspireing if you´re going for that cool 70´s look!:


From: dax.se

Fab Doutzen Kroes:

From supermodels.nl

Doutzen Kroes

From: picasaweb.google.com

I love this way of matching, it gives you a special look:

From: fashionologie.com

I LOVE the woman´s hair!!

From: doutzenkroes.famousfemme.com

Doutzen & Denise Richards look alike! And they both have great hair:

From: postgame.wordpress.com

An innocent Britney Spears from back in the days. Her hair is so ‘natural’ thick & wild in this photo:

Britney Spears

From: ellinorak.blogg.se

Kate Beckinsale:

From people.com

Simon Cowell:

 photo | Simon Cowell

From people.com

…no no I was just joking…

Ok, so I got a little carried away…I can go on and on….but I´ll stop here.

Since we were talking about the bottom too, here are some pics of my favourite shoes in my warderobe:

Here are some shoes that I wish were in my warderobe:


Brian Atwood

From: montanarader.blogspot.com


From: net-a-porter.com


From: net-a-porter.com

DEMY from Steve Madden

From: stevemadden.com

I really love suede! In dark tones it´s so melodramatic & romantic & in bright colours it´s so naive & romatic. You´ll see some of that a bit down…

MARTINY from Steve Madden

From: stevemadden.com


From: net-a-porter.com

Black suede pumps with Swarovski crystals, nice touch..

These sexy beasts are LOUBOUTINs 

From: net-a-porter.com


From: net-a-porter.com


From: net-a-porter.com

Red suede! Oh so cute..

And the last ones


From: net-a-porter.com

Woooonderful shoes!! Imagine being able to buy them all! Oh let me stop dreaming before I drop…

This is like window-shopping for me. I love looking at pictures. Hope you do too.


4 Responses to “Fab hair & fab shoes”

  1. Hell yeah!! Loves it.. all the shoes and fab hair!!

    I just want to go shopping with you my friend..NOW!!

    Thanks for all the insperations and take the shopper to Stockholm soon!

    Kisses and hugs/ Malin

  2. haha, Jen is so wild! I love her.

  3. I really enjoyed this post, especially the examples in this post portion which made it really easy for me to SEE what you were talking about without even having to leave the article. Thanks

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