I´m really missing my baby…

It´s 22:45 and I´m so tired. I couldn´t sleep last night because all of the noises and non-noises were buggin me. That´s so rare that I didn´t know what to do with myself… I usually go to bed without any trouble, I fall asleep like a baby with my washingmashine on!

But yesterday night I was irritated because the internet was so slow, so I went to bed. Then I thought of the spider that is growing outside my window and just hanging there in its net….leaving cadaver all over the place -hey mr Spider here´s a thought, EAT THEM!

When that moment was over I thought of the sound that the computer made because I didn´t turn it off…oh come on, I didn´t hear no freackin sound it was just in my head. I knew that. Even so, I had to get up & turn off the computer.

Then my tumbledrier. Sometimes I go to bed and wake up to warm towels, the noise doesn´t bugg me at all. But yesterday it did. I had to get up again to turn it off & take all of the towels out. When I woke up today it looked like some kind of towel-Halloween all over the place. Anyway, right after that I went to bed.

Laying in my bed I turned to the right & then to the left & couldn´t find my place. When I had all the yoga positions done & my sheets had advanced into some kind of art, I was really bugged because it was so damn quiet. So I got up & took my tv-box-thingy to the bedroom & fell asleep to CSI. That´s what my boyfriend usually watches at that time… I really miss him. I´ll se him in a few days but it´s never soon enough.

So here´s a song for him & for all lovers 😉 It´s my all time favourite autumn-tune. Good night dear friends!


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