Purple rain. Seriously.

Anni dear, I know that this may come as a shock to you, but I have a confession. I have started likeing purple… [standing up] I´m an Anonymous Purplelover. BUT! Far away from a lover….& not so anonymous anymore. But I may convert you too….

The jacket you see would look great to a pair of tight, black jeans & some black ballerinas…..do you agree? And of course, it really depends on the neuance!

Here are some things I seriously would wear:

By Malene Birger

By Malene Birger Raimonda cropped jacket  

From: net-a-porter.com


The next one would look sooo good with a short (but higher up on the belly) black leather skirt!


Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor Ruffle sleeve top

The back is cute:

Rebecca Taylor Ruffle sleeve top

From: net-a-porter.com


The next one is a fab suede bag -& I loove suede!


Honey! -It´s a Ralph Laurent bag

From: Ralph Laurent.com


This one is a bit romantic…vampire…ish………someone we know?


L´Wren Scott

L'Wren Scott Layered lace dress


From: net-a-porter.com


By Marlene Birger

By Malene Birger Joelle dress


(I´m not so crazy about the arrangement upstairs…I can hear Izzy on my right sholder sayin -SERIOUSLY?)


By Malene Birger Joelle dress

From: net-a-porter.com


A bit more relaxed:


Vanessa bruno

Vanessa Bruno Athé Cotton T-shirt dress

From: net-a-porter.com


So now Anni, the question is………do you accept this flower?



From: magnoliangardensnursery.com

Isn´t it beautiful? Looks like it´s made from fabric/paper….the nature creates the most beautiful things…..& Louboutin……

I really wanted to play Prince -Purple rain for you by now, but he´s decited that he won´t allow none of his video/music on the net. (?!!?****?%##”¤!?)

Prince! Dude! Didn´t you change your name to ‘The Revolution’ in the 80´s?? I mean seriously?

Mc Seriousely?!

I´m out!

PS Anni is an AP now too! ..but as you know, far away from a lover and not so anonymous anymore  DS


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