Heelless shoes? But why?

So Victoria Beckham has yet again started a new trend (hopefully not), the heelless shoe.

Uma Thurman, Gwyneth Paltrow & Vic are the ‘first’ ones to use them. Or be seen with them. But that´s the same, isn´t it? 😉

Here they are:

Uma Thurmans feet

From: thefashionpolice.net

And Victoria Beckham

Ser det bekvämt och skönt ut?

From: aftonbladet.se

From: rodeo.net

The designer, Antonio Berardi, must have had a crazy-ass dream….but it´s interesting that he wanted to take these new heel-designs a bit further. He sais that “When you walk it´s almost on tiptoe”, which would be the reason not to.

It´s bad for your back! …that shoe really takes the ‘fashion victim’ to a new level.

Lily Aldridge has a pair also:

Lily Aldridge

Lily Aldridge

From: awomanandhershoes.blogspot.com

Do you want to see how Antonio Berardi looks like?

Le designer himself:

From: wallpaper.com

Another shoe from Mr Berardi:

From: uk.fashion.popsugar.com

I wonder if you can ski in them? 😉

He did a little interview for wallpaper (good questions guys!), here are some of the answers:

What do you wear to work?
Jeans, sneakers and a white shirt.

Where would your ideal lunch be and who would it be with?
Villa Igiea, Palermo, with Glenn O’Brien, Kate Moss, Sophia Neophitou, and Steven Meisel: great food, wit, beauty, creativity and captured memories.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
I’m hoping it’s yet to happen.

Do you listen to music whilst you work? If so, what are you listening to at the moment?
Absolutely. UNKLE, Ambulance, Jakob Dylan.

…well…that certainly explains the shoes 😉

If you want to read the rest of the interview you can click on a link in the end of this post 🙂 smart huh?

Manolo Blahnik made a (well, several) heelless shoe a while ago, this is from 2006:

From: blog.netmuseum.org

Here´s another one of his shoes:

From: momist.com

But this one looks “normal”, it has no twist, no edge anymore, now when I´ve seen the other. Antonios heelless shoe feels a bit extraterestial! Some would even say that about Victoria Beckahm. But I won´t lie, I like her & her crazyness.

Here is another heelless shoe that was designed by Manolo. Marc Jacobs has had all of these in different lines..

From: fasshonaburu.com

But could the colours be more mismatched? Seriously?

This is what Manolo Blahnik looks like:

From: telegraph.co.uk

The man is 66 years old! Congrats!

Here´s a close up. He has great skin!:

From: modette.se

Here is one of his drawings:

Manolo Blahnik Illustration

Manolo Blahnik Illustration

From: designmuseum.org

Walter Steiger design

Walter Steiger Sandal

(looks like you´ve put half a shoe on half an iron)

From: myprestigium.com

Another funny shoe-pic with Victoria, a photo shoot for Elle Magazine in Paris:

From: ohmyshoes.it

The designer is Giambattista Valli.

Speaking of high heels…..Victoria must be the queen:

From: aftonbladet.se

Here are some beautiful shoes, they are called Rose´n´Roll:

From: majajoy.se

The designer is Roger Vivier.

From: majajoy.se

From: sophiefashion.blogg.se

A high heeled shoe chair anyone?

From: highheelshoechair.com

You can actually buy it on that website if you want it!

Speaking of shoes & sizes:


From: joe-ks.com

The “foot binding” was a custom practised on young girls in China.


From: joe-ks.com

It ended in the early 20th century.


From: joe-ks.com

I´m happy to see her smile… :


From: joe-ks.com

…because it must have hurt & been terrible to live like this.


From: joe-ks.com

If you´d like to read a little about this click here.

To lighten it all up again, Anni, this one is for you:

(if you can´t see this pic just click on the link below!)


From: “bp3blogger”

You KNOW we´d have fun in these!!! ..on the beach or a night out with the girls! Hahahaha… I have a slight memory of me walking in swimfeet, all dressed up in a hotel-hall in Cyprus…?? 😉 I think that was YOUR idea? Well, pity I didn´t know they had a high-heel version…

Borat would look great in these!! And he wouldn´t have to protect them from water!

From: wired.com (which is a pretty good name for this look)

From: mcnblogs.com

The following in the marine-theme:

Hey people with smelly feet! Here´s a trend for you!

From: neatorama.com

No one would ever know……………

Anni, pls come up with a new shoe design!! As you can see, we need it. And so does Victoria, Uma & Gwyneth.

Here is the rest of Antonio Berardis interview! Have a nice day gals!

I´m out!


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  1. k, there is a drawing with a vine like shoe that i highly adore almost as much as thee rose shoes…. please create and sell to me 🙂

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