The “old” supermodels…

I can´t say that I´m falling head over feet for the “new” model generation, I still think that most of them look like robots, drug addicts, men, living deads or sick….they have a “twisted look” which is really interesting but not beautiful, in my eyes. I miss the healthy looking models from the 90´, with muscles and sophisticated looks…

Beauty is of course a hard thing to explain & I think that most people are beautiful everywhere. But supermodels really do take the beautifulness to a nother level. Here are some new (& old) pics of:

Helena Christensen (& Ellen Pompeo which I also love)

From: “addicted to fashion”

(look at Ellens right knee in the photo below…it looks like it´s been turned backwards…very cool)


Miss Christensen is 40 years old now.


I love this song, poore Chris Isaack, he must have gone insane after shooting this video with her.

Wicked Game



Ok, lets move on. Can you see who this is….?


…yeeeaah…mommy Cindy! She is 42 years old now.


From: seriously…there are homepages for everything…

Elle Mclovely aka “The Body”, & her son. She is 44 years old now. Can you belive it?? She look SO good.

From: …hola, how you doin?


Here with Valentino….he´s really suntanned…..actually turning orange…

Is it a fruit, is it a moodring -no, it´s VALENTINO! 😉 They both loved this joke. He didn´t understand all of it but he heard his name in the end & liked that….



…really cool that she wears flatheels with an eveningdress…


Last one…I really like her laid back style. It´s sexy.


Naomi Campbell is also one of the “old” goodies. She rocked the runway!




I think I´ll stop here. I found some really cool black & white photos but I´ll show them in another post!

Since I got so caught up in this I would like to share some model-pictures of my own:

…going for the unavailable pose…

Here I was trying to poze sexy like Angelina Jolie:

And the last one…..I choose this with consideration….


-Call me!!!


So what, a little selfirony hasn´t killed anyone….

-Thea! I LOVE YOU! I´m dying to see your tatoo baby.

And Anni, I miss your strawberry face sooo much! I´ll probably go & write a song about it 😉

Good night my dear friends!!

I´m out.


4 Responses to “The “old” supermodels…”

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH jag älskar hur dina inlägg alltid spårar ut på slutet…… : D!!!

  2. Hahahaha! Jag skulle signa dig direkt! Varför inte lägga till våran snygga modellbild från cypern!? Kate Moss, Heidi Klum och alla andra, watch out!=) Hahahahha!!

  3. roxyishere Says:

    Hahaaa tack Anna!! You know how it is, vi brukar ju spåra ut till slut…. Och Anni!! Vilken fantastisk idé! Jag ska scanna in den och lägga upp den så fort jag kommer hem!! 🙂 Slå världen med häpnad liksom…. Puss puss på er! Tack för att NI kommenterar! 🙂 puuuuss!

    I must say that I kind of forgot your website’s name, and I tried with: Ruxy in the house, Ruxandra, Roxyintheplace and so on…
    As you can see, it didden’t really give any results, so I asked you and well… haha! You know what happened after that so… here I am!
    I looked at today’s pictures and your text and… I liked it! You sure as hell are a good writer! 😉
    I’m not so sure about the people you talked about, never heard of them, but it’s interesting anyhow! Btw, love your pictures! It’s just that your so beautiful! Whhhyyyyy won’t you show us a picture where you don’t fool around?! 😀
    I’d look forward to that, honey! Please, please, please?
    It’s a great thing that you started this blog, now you can express your opinions about fashion and other subjects, and you can show what a good writer you are!
    I can tell you that I will read this blog from now til’… it won’t even exist anymore! But I’m not saying this just because I’m your friend, I’m saying it as a new wiewer, fashion is a very interesting subject wich many people love all over the world and your writing is so “catching”, I would buy your magazine if you had one! Hahaha!
    Keep up the good work and make us proud! ;D

    Sorry for posting this in English, I just got influenced by your writing!
    Haha pussarr min lilla porriga gurka! ;D Ich liebe dich, meine liebe engel!
    Te iubesc, iubire!

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