Pessimisticly in.

I wonder why everybody is so modernly pessimistic.

No one is content with themselves today, doesn´t acknowledge their success -small or big in their daily round,  every small girl “is fat”, nothing is good enough because “it could be done better”, I mean every girl is doing a great job holding themselves down.

If one gives a compliment to a girl, even the prettiest one gets shy and she either gets ironic or cuts the compliment short. Couldn´t everybody stop doing that and just say THANKS?

It´s like we have forgotten to be human and started wanting perfection so bad that we get complexed even about our positive feauters.  Well how could we improve or grow if we don´t even se ourselfes the way we are? Nor even acknowledge our simplest success in school, work or our appearance.

Now, now,  I don´t want everybody to gather their hands & start singing “I am beautifuuuul, in every single waaaaay”, because that isn´t true. But that´s the point! Be real about BOTH your positive & negative feauters.

I LOVE all media, fashion, popular culture and all the perfect images they feed us with. BUT, I understand that they are Photoshoped, edited and “un natural”. All the wonderful movies we see are beautiful stories that are supposed to entertain us, not make us feel bad about our own lifes. They aren´t real.

In real life there is a natural beauty, and a course that we sometimes can & sometimes can´t change, it´s about the attitude YOU CHOOSE to have, it´s all in our mind. But choose to be free, and fight for yourself & your own acknowledgement in your own mind. Approve yourself. Be real. That´s when you´ll be able to say THANKS to a nice person giving you a compliment.

Free your mind


From: I have had it for a long time & don´t remember where I found it.


2 Responses to “Pessimisticly in.”

  1. Thanks for your words. I will be bookmarking your blog! 🙂

    • roxyishere Says:

      Hi Camille, thank you for your comment! 🙂 Give more compliments to your friends and yourself 😉

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