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My makeover

Posted in Personal with tags , , , on October 16, 2008 by roxyishere

So I found myself standing in front of all the haircolors in the Supermarket, looking at them seriously with big wide open eyes. Kind of like I would imagine children looking at a rack of porn magazines. Curious but frightened.

My partner in crime was mom. A person who embraces change, so my chances for walking away empty handed were slim to none. She´s the person in my life that always encouraged me to do things & take chances. She´s modern, artistic & just wonderful. We are so Gilmore girls 😉

I don´t know if this upsets you as much as it does to me, but the color never turns out the same as on the pictures from the package! Why are they even there?? It feels like they don´t strain for us customers & in exchange they don´t feel credable. Please….don´t insult me. I can see the difference! They´re like the mascara commercials on tv, ‘your eyelashes will grow sooo long’ ..that you wouldn´t even know what hit you.  And the models on tv wear false eyelashes -it´s OK, we know that…still a bit insulted…..we´ve already experienced all of that shit with Santa Claus, and the “sex-talk” we got for being curious.

I hate false marketing. Stay true, stand up for yourself! We girls have a lot of that & I try not to. I mean, come on, bras with silicone, fibre eyelashes, hairextentions, all the make-up, false nails…..have you seen that scene in “Fresh Prince in Bel Air” when Will gets locked in a repository with his date. After a while when she makes herself comfortable, she takes off all of those things…? Hahaaha. Will screams like a fire alarm. It´s an interesting message, don´t you think? Don´t get me wrong. I love make-up & style. But you can still be yourself!

To the point! We choose a hair color that´s called ‘satin darkblonde’.

I really wanted some new colors in my face & wanted to go for something like dark brown or a red-ish brown, something a bit more sophisticated, but from experience we went for the satin darkblonde. The second reason for me coloring my hear was that I wanted to see if that´s not just my own bullshit making noise…about the haircolor on the package & the result… If this doesn´t turn out to be one of the results on the package, I will call the company myself -not to act like an angry little noisemaker, but with a polite & curious tone, asking why they won´t try harder, what´s going on?? Can you imagine buying a pair of jeans & seeing that you got a different color when you get home? Or a laptop of your choice that´s another one when you take it out of the package? No way. Why should this be different??

So, I´m off coloring my hair now! Here´s a before picture.

I chose this one because I also wanted you to see one of my favourite cozy outfits. The skinny jeans are from Miss Sixty, I love them! And the jacket has a really cute dress-shape. And I love the buttons on the jacket:

The skinny jeans have really cool details, which I think are important for my own feeling & attitude, not just for the whole outfit. Even if the others can´t see them -I know they´re there.

The nice sixty wing on the back, the cool purple stitching, the zippers & the worn-out style (you can see 3 white marks on the right knee). Lovely!

And here is the after pic.

Of course, it turned out red-ish….? Since the name of the color was “Satin Dark Blonde”.

I got a haircut too! …I went for a very dramatic change as you can see:


Haha not really, but she cut the ends into a straight line, which I like, and a little more fringe.

…the color was a small shock, but I´ll make it work! It looks different in different lights, sometimes it´s more light brown than red, sometimes more orange. I´ve had it a few days now & I can honestly say that I like it. I can actually wear grey now! That´s so fun!! And I was ready for a change. I´ll be out looking for new influenses & different makeup colors! Wiiii!



I´m really missing my baby…

Posted in Personal with tags , , on September 26, 2008 by roxyishere

It´s 22:45 and I´m so tired. I couldn´t sleep last night because all of the noises and non-noises were buggin me. That´s so rare that I didn´t know what to do with myself… I usually go to bed without any trouble, I fall asleep like a baby with my washingmashine on!

But yesterday night I was irritated because the internet was so slow, so I went to bed. Then I thought of the spider that is growing outside my window and just hanging there in its net….leaving cadaver all over the place -hey mr Spider here´s a thought, EAT THEM!

When that moment was over I thought of the sound that the computer made because I didn´t turn it off…oh come on, I didn´t hear no freackin sound it was just in my head. I knew that. Even so, I had to get up & turn off the computer.

Then my tumbledrier. Sometimes I go to bed and wake up to warm towels, the noise doesn´t bugg me at all. But yesterday it did. I had to get up again to turn it off & take all of the towels out. When I woke up today it looked like some kind of towel-Halloween all over the place. Anyway, right after that I went to bed.

Laying in my bed I turned to the right & then to the left & couldn´t find my place. When I had all the yoga positions done & my sheets had advanced into some kind of art, I was really bugged because it was so damn quiet. So I got up & took my tv-box-thingy to the bedroom & fell asleep to CSI. That´s what my boyfriend usually watches at that time… I really miss him. I´ll se him in a few days but it´s never soon enough.

So here´s a song for him & for all lovers 😉 It´s my all time favourite autumn-tune. Good night dear friends!