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The Hills gals

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I watch all the movies & series that I can handle, when having a normal life. “The Hills” hasen´t yet swept me off my feet, but I´m looking forward to it.


Some Hills music:

I´ve watched it a couple of times & I enjoy it, but I can´t really figure out why? The last one I saw was about the Cordeillan bal in Paris which was nice, & when Spence & Heidi broke up. I guess that I like the different characters…… But pictures & clothes are always fun for me so here is a little tribute to “The Hills”. Oh, I forgot the most important thing! They have an atmospheric & really nice soundtrack! I´m loving the music in that thing….

So Heidi that normally looks like this (it´s much more fun if you´d imagine the last two words with a French accent):

(…by the way, I´m NOT loving her new ´girls´)


Some of them can pull the boobie-thang really nice, but on her I think she went from sexy to vulgy.

And now she looks like this (still doing the accent?):


The big question is: ….oh come on you know it……is she pregnant?

It´s not that important to me since I´m not crazy about her, but that was my first reaction when I saw the picture & this is where my thoughts come out………

I loved the way she looked before the knife-fary got to her, she had a lovely sexyness going on but now she looks more like an aunt waiting to happen.

She wore a great dress that was printed in my head & some interesting shoes when she launched her new brand “Heidiwood” at Kitson in LA :

Heidi and Spencer Bring Heidiwood to Hollywood


From: a great pic of the shoes & detalis.

The bright blue bag is a Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag & the shoes & fab dress are from Chloé.

If you´d like to see a couple of pics of her & mr “It´s too late to apologize” (loved it but the radio played it until it started coming out of my nose) click here

Moving on to Audrina & Lauren


Lauren is now out with her second clothing line. I didn´t find anything special, nice, sweet, very wearable dresses but nothing original. Ok, ok, I know it´s very hard to come up with something original today! But here´s a little hint….don´t do something like this:

Ashlee Dress

If you can´t see the pic click here.

When Gustavo Cadile already did something like this:

KIM KARDASHIAN  photo | Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian


Here is Laurens collection!

I love Lauren in this pic:


She´s having a great hair day looking flowery-fresh! …hmmm…makes me think of my perfume from Davidoff -Echo woman. Do you know it? I love it!!


The next one is also a nice hairdo, I love the innocent white ribbon in her hair, matches really well to the black see-througt t-shirt! Lovely! (I´m sorry but the bag……is….painted on??)


Here´s a great picture of her…looks a bit retouched but who cares??! Just remember, all you kids out there, no one looks like this for real…don´t feel bad about yourself just becauze someone else is looking excellent in some pictures! Just enjoy the craft behind it…. 😉 that´s what I do. There will always be someone who looks better or worse than you do! That´s why I never compete with somebody else. The only one you really can look better or worse than is yourself.

Oh, I forgott to warn you, I´ve got a serious part too 😉


Here´s Lauren on David Letterman´s show in March 18, 2008:

I love the next photo because of its atmosphere, it looks like a moviescene…

From: thanks for the pic!

Audrina Partidge in a ´serious´ but sexy blue dress:


Really nice pic of Audrina:


Nice abs!:


Here´s a treat! It´s from the May issue of Rolling Stone baby:



Oh for the love of GOD, the west corner is taking it too far! Lauren & Whitney are rockin´it & having fun, looking sexy, but Heidi & Audrina……well….it´s baaaaaad, mostly Heidi. Girl, you look good when you are natural & relaxed! Everyday isn´t “Hot-sexy-grown…” realx Heidi!!

(can you hear those scary high tunes from a horrible moviescene?) By the way -this is my interpretation of Edvard Munch painting -The scream.


Modern huh? Hahahahahahaaaa, I love this one! Would look great on the cover of the Rolling Stone, don´t you think? “Roxy blogliving -the ugly truth”. And I assure you, that´s a natural pose 😉

Ok. Moving on.

……Actually I got a bit sober from the photomania quite sudden…but when you think about it…not unexpected….

I´m out.

Relax, take it easy with Mika