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Athletic touch

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Everyone that has read my blog earlier knows that I LOVE a good image, how it speaks for itself.

I feel a bit healthy & I wanted to find some inspiration on the net. I´m not exactly on the Forbes list of healthy living & will never be a health junkie, but I would like to not be so simular to a crash.

Lucky me, I found some really strong, beautiful, sexy pictures of strong women that I wanted to share.

I get really inspired & feel like creating something….even running….but my gasping for air, reaching to a total stranger for the last help takes the fun out of it. I´ll just settle with enjoying the first creation that I call, “the Swank”:

Hillary Swank


It´s so powerful I can almost feel the wind in my hear and the salty smell of the sea & the sand between my toes…..even the sand in my mouth after falling graciously on the ground.

Another important step to having a full-functioning body -stretching! I would love to try a yoga class. My body screams for it… But I´ve still got my instincts you know, like if someone would push me for example, I would fall down like this:

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sara Jessica Parker


Yeah. Probably not.

Without exageration or a death whish, I´d break my back if I´d pull a stunt like that….well at least a little self irony won´t hurt me.. 😉

… it´s not a secret that Sarah Jessica Parker is athletic, since we´ve all seen (I really hope!) the greatness of Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Can you see that it´s her? Fantastic body. As always.

If you´d like to know ALL about Jennifer Anistons yoga-secrets SELF Magazine has a great spread about her & her instructor, Mandy Ingber :

You can find it HERE

I´ll be on the net now, searching for some heathy tips…

Take care of you guys and don´t forgett to search for beauty inside you too…

Peace out.


Everybody is somebody

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I´ve been thinking about old folks, about how nobody sees them anymore and how many of them that actually think that they used to be somebody, when they are the ones with a lifetime experience, knowledge & wisdom.

Ok, so this outfit really gives her away 😉 but what if our granddaughter or son walked by Gwen Stefani on the street when she´s old, not looking at her, not knowing who she was & is, not even making eye contact with her, making her feel like air. That´s what we do every day to oldies…



It makes me sad & I´ve been wondering about how the old persons feel in this media-world full of beauty fixation?



When I saw these pictures I knew that I had to write a post about this & use the celebrities to make a point. Even if this comes out a little superficial -but these photos really make me realize that everybody is somebody, non related to age, looks or anything else for that matter.



Next time you´ll walk by an old person on the street, look at them & smile to them! I´m sure they will appreciate to be seen & acknowledged.



Don´t just walk pass them making them feel like air!



They used to be like you too! Wanting the same things..

Cameron Diaz


…to be beautiful, be seen, be somebody.

Beyonce Knowles


…they still do!

I wish that I had a grandma or grandpa to talk to & ask many questions. It would be so great to take part of their wisdom & see things from their point of view!

Cool site that! If you´re interested of looking at more photos like this you should go there.

If you didn´t see who all the celebrities were you have the answers here; Gwen Stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow, Leonardo Dicaprio, Nicole Kidman, Paris Hilton, Cameron Diaz & Beyonce Knowles.

Remember to start smileing at old people you walk by!

As usual I leave you with a tune, enjoy the wonderful subtitleing:

Take care!

The “old” supermodels…

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I can´t say that I´m falling head over feet for the “new” model generation, I still think that most of them look like robots, drug addicts, men, living deads or sick….they have a “twisted look” which is really interesting but not beautiful, in my eyes. I miss the healthy looking models from the 90´, with muscles and sophisticated looks…

Beauty is of course a hard thing to explain & I think that most people are beautiful everywhere. But supermodels really do take the beautifulness to a nother level. Here are some new (& old) pics of:

Helena Christensen (& Ellen Pompeo which I also love)

From: “addicted to fashion”

(look at Ellens right knee in the photo below…it looks like it´s been turned backwards…very cool)


Miss Christensen is 40 years old now.


I love this song, poore Chris Isaack, he must have gone insane after shooting this video with her.

Wicked Game



Ok, lets move on. Can you see who this is….?


…yeeeaah…mommy Cindy! She is 42 years old now.


From: seriously…there are homepages for everything…

Elle Mclovely aka “The Body”, & her son. She is 44 years old now. Can you belive it?? She look SO good.

From: …hola, how you doin?


Here with Valentino….he´s really suntanned…..actually turning orange…

Is it a fruit, is it a moodring -no, it´s VALENTINO! 😉 They both loved this joke. He didn´t understand all of it but he heard his name in the end & liked that….



…really cool that she wears flatheels with an eveningdress…


Last one…I really like her laid back style. It´s sexy.


Naomi Campbell is also one of the “old” goodies. She rocked the runway!




I think I´ll stop here. I found some really cool black & white photos but I´ll show them in another post!

Since I got so caught up in this I would like to share some model-pictures of my own:

…going for the unavailable pose…

Here I was trying to poze sexy like Angelina Jolie:

And the last one…..I choose this with consideration….


-Call me!!!


So what, a little selfirony hasn´t killed anyone….

-Thea! I LOVE YOU! I´m dying to see your tatoo baby.

And Anni, I miss your strawberry face sooo much! I´ll probably go & write a song about it 😉

Good night my dear friends!!

I´m out.