Reese Witherspoon is lovely!

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The first time I saw Reese Witherspoon was in a movie called  “The man in the moon” from 1991. I was 10 years old then, and she was 15 when it came out… Have you seen it?


The next photo is from a scene that I replayed for my mom all day & she used to laugh because “I did it sooo well”, ….well…you already know that I´m good at making faces…. 😉


I remember that I really loved the way she acted, she made a big impression on me. The movie still makes me vibrate of emotions….I´ll have to watch it again soon, and you too!!

I fell in love in watching movies probably when my mom gave birth to me. It´s a great passion of mine because of the way you put storytelling & music together, how you create an ambience.

Now to the superficial things!

This is how her autograph looks like, if somebody´s interested to know:


I´ve had many hair colors but I´ve never been blonde. It definetly makes me a bit curious about how I would look in it….but untill that day I´ll just dream away with this fabulous blonde….

Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon


I love this pic! The fab dress is Nina Ricci & the super cute shoes are a pair of Brian Atwood:

Look at the shoes!! They look like jewlery! I absolutely love them….they´re so cute, I could wear them in my ears…. I love the colors in this pic.


Her hair is wonderful


Here´s a good matching tip, if you have blue eyes wear blumarine:


Here´s a little sneak peek of how she looks like when not walking on a red carpet:

She really has toned legs!

Reese Witherspoon




Taking a walk with Jennifer Garner:


This was taken a couple of years ago…with her ex-husband Rhyan Phillippe and their children Ava and Deacon:


She looks really sweet in her romantic country dress. Here with Jennifer Aniston:




She´s so delicate….but I´m still deciding on the dress…it´s lovely but gives me the creeps, a bit…




I love her hair.

Here is her mom:


Beautiful dresses:


Here she looks like my cousin Andreia, in Italy!


In the upper photo she looks a bit like my cousin Andreia that lives in Italy! …I know, your interested-flags are waveing the hell out of you 😉


….ever felt stared at?


I have to post one with her short hair. She looks good in anything..


From an Elle photo shoot:


Here´s a little video where you can see when she did that photo shoot:

She´s a spokes person for Avon:



From a Vogue shoot:

Reese Witherspoon Vogue


I love watching her in movies, she makes me feel good. I like her personality – or I should probably say the ones she play!

Have you seen Cruel Intentions, from 1999?


It´s really good! You should absolutely see it if you haven´t! …a wicked story….

So this post is just a little tribute to one of my favourite blondes!

Speaking of tributes, I give you, my pals, Tenacious D! YEAH!:

Kisses to all of my friends!


My makeover

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So I found myself standing in front of all the haircolors in the Supermarket, looking at them seriously with big wide open eyes. Kind of like I would imagine children looking at a rack of porn magazines. Curious but frightened.

My partner in crime was mom. A person who embraces change, so my chances for walking away empty handed were slim to none. She´s the person in my life that always encouraged me to do things & take chances. She´s modern, artistic & just wonderful. We are so Gilmore girls 😉

I don´t know if this upsets you as much as it does to me, but the color never turns out the same as on the pictures from the package! Why are they even there?? It feels like they don´t strain for us customers & in exchange they don´t feel credable. Please….don´t insult me. I can see the difference! They´re like the mascara commercials on tv, ‘your eyelashes will grow sooo long’ ..that you wouldn´t even know what hit you.  And the models on tv wear false eyelashes -it´s OK, we know that…still a bit insulted…..we´ve already experienced all of that shit with Santa Claus, and the “sex-talk” we got for being curious.

I hate false marketing. Stay true, stand up for yourself! We girls have a lot of that & I try not to. I mean, come on, bras with silicone, fibre eyelashes, hairextentions, all the make-up, false nails…..have you seen that scene in “Fresh Prince in Bel Air” when Will gets locked in a repository with his date. After a while when she makes herself comfortable, she takes off all of those things…? Hahaaha. Will screams like a fire alarm. It´s an interesting message, don´t you think? Don´t get me wrong. I love make-up & style. But you can still be yourself!

To the point! We choose a hair color that´s called ‘satin darkblonde’.

I really wanted some new colors in my face & wanted to go for something like dark brown or a red-ish brown, something a bit more sophisticated, but from experience we went for the satin darkblonde. The second reason for me coloring my hear was that I wanted to see if that´s not just my own bullshit making noise…about the haircolor on the package & the result… If this doesn´t turn out to be one of the results on the package, I will call the company myself -not to act like an angry little noisemaker, but with a polite & curious tone, asking why they won´t try harder, what´s going on?? Can you imagine buying a pair of jeans & seeing that you got a different color when you get home? Or a laptop of your choice that´s another one when you take it out of the package? No way. Why should this be different??

So, I´m off coloring my hair now! Here´s a before picture.

I chose this one because I also wanted you to see one of my favourite cozy outfits. The skinny jeans are from Miss Sixty, I love them! And the jacket has a really cute dress-shape. And I love the buttons on the jacket:

The skinny jeans have really cool details, which I think are important for my own feeling & attitude, not just for the whole outfit. Even if the others can´t see them -I know they´re there.

The nice sixty wing on the back, the cool purple stitching, the zippers & the worn-out style (you can see 3 white marks on the right knee). Lovely!

And here is the after pic.

Of course, it turned out red-ish….? Since the name of the color was “Satin Dark Blonde”.

I got a haircut too! …I went for a very dramatic change as you can see:


Haha not really, but she cut the ends into a straight line, which I like, and a little more fringe.

…the color was a small shock, but I´ll make it work! It looks different in different lights, sometimes it´s more light brown than red, sometimes more orange. I´ve had it a few days now & I can honestly say that I like it. I can actually wear grey now! That´s so fun!! And I was ready for a change. I´ll be out looking for new influenses & different makeup colors! Wiiii!


The Hills gals

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I watch all the movies & series that I can handle, when having a normal life. “The Hills” hasen´t yet swept me off my feet, but I´m looking forward to it.


Some Hills music:

I´ve watched it a couple of times & I enjoy it, but I can´t really figure out why? The last one I saw was about the Cordeillan bal in Paris which was nice, & when Spence & Heidi broke up. I guess that I like the different characters…… But pictures & clothes are always fun for me so here is a little tribute to “The Hills”. Oh, I forgot the most important thing! They have an atmospheric & really nice soundtrack! I´m loving the music in that thing….

So Heidi that normally looks like this (it´s much more fun if you´d imagine the last two words with a French accent):

(…by the way, I´m NOT loving her new ´girls´)


Some of them can pull the boobie-thang really nice, but on her I think she went from sexy to vulgy.

And now she looks like this (still doing the accent?):


The big question is: ….oh come on you know it……is she pregnant?

It´s not that important to me since I´m not crazy about her, but that was my first reaction when I saw the picture & this is where my thoughts come out………

I loved the way she looked before the knife-fary got to her, she had a lovely sexyness going on but now she looks more like an aunt waiting to happen.

She wore a great dress that was printed in my head & some interesting shoes when she launched her new brand “Heidiwood” at Kitson in LA :

Heidi and Spencer Bring Heidiwood to Hollywood


From: a great pic of the shoes & detalis.

The bright blue bag is a Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag & the shoes & fab dress are from Chloé.

If you´d like to see a couple of pics of her & mr “It´s too late to apologize” (loved it but the radio played it until it started coming out of my nose) click here

Moving on to Audrina & Lauren


Lauren is now out with her second clothing line. I didn´t find anything special, nice, sweet, very wearable dresses but nothing original. Ok, ok, I know it´s very hard to come up with something original today! But here´s a little hint….don´t do something like this:

Ashlee Dress

If you can´t see the pic click here.

When Gustavo Cadile already did something like this:

KIM KARDASHIAN  photo | Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian


Here is Laurens collection!

I love Lauren in this pic:


She´s having a great hair day looking flowery-fresh! …hmmm…makes me think of my perfume from Davidoff -Echo woman. Do you know it? I love it!!


The next one is also a nice hairdo, I love the innocent white ribbon in her hair, matches really well to the black see-througt t-shirt! Lovely! (I´m sorry but the bag……is….painted on??)


Here´s a great picture of her…looks a bit retouched but who cares??! Just remember, all you kids out there, no one looks like this for real…don´t feel bad about yourself just becauze someone else is looking excellent in some pictures! Just enjoy the craft behind it…. 😉 that´s what I do. There will always be someone who looks better or worse than you do! That´s why I never compete with somebody else. The only one you really can look better or worse than is yourself.

Oh, I forgott to warn you, I´ve got a serious part too 😉


Here´s Lauren on David Letterman´s show in March 18, 2008:

I love the next photo because of its atmosphere, it looks like a moviescene…

From: thanks for the pic!

Audrina Partidge in a ´serious´ but sexy blue dress:


Really nice pic of Audrina:


Nice abs!:


Here´s a treat! It´s from the May issue of Rolling Stone baby:



Oh for the love of GOD, the west corner is taking it too far! Lauren & Whitney are rockin´it & having fun, looking sexy, but Heidi & Audrina……well….it´s baaaaaad, mostly Heidi. Girl, you look good when you are natural & relaxed! Everyday isn´t “Hot-sexy-grown…” realx Heidi!!

(can you hear those scary high tunes from a horrible moviescene?) By the way -this is my interpretation of Edvard Munch painting -The scream.


Modern huh? Hahahahahahaaaa, I love this one! Would look great on the cover of the Rolling Stone, don´t you think? “Roxy blogliving -the ugly truth”. And I assure you, that´s a natural pose 😉

Ok. Moving on.

……Actually I got a bit sober from the photomania quite sudden…but when you think about it…not unexpected….

I´m out.

Relax, take it easy with Mika

The “old” supermodels…

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I can´t say that I´m falling head over feet for the “new” model generation, I still think that most of them look like robots, drug addicts, men, living deads or sick….they have a “twisted look” which is really interesting but not beautiful, in my eyes. I miss the healthy looking models from the 90´, with muscles and sophisticated looks…

Beauty is of course a hard thing to explain & I think that most people are beautiful everywhere. But supermodels really do take the beautifulness to a nother level. Here are some new (& old) pics of:

Helena Christensen (& Ellen Pompeo which I also love)

From: “addicted to fashion”

(look at Ellens right knee in the photo below…it looks like it´s been turned backwards…very cool)


Miss Christensen is 40 years old now.


I love this song, poore Chris Isaack, he must have gone insane after shooting this video with her.

Wicked Game



Ok, lets move on. Can you see who this is….?


…yeeeaah…mommy Cindy! She is 42 years old now.


From: seriously…there are homepages for everything…

Elle Mclovely aka “The Body”, & her son. She is 44 years old now. Can you belive it?? She look SO good.

From: …hola, how you doin?


Here with Valentino….he´s really suntanned…..actually turning orange…

Is it a fruit, is it a moodring -no, it´s VALENTINO! 😉 They both loved this joke. He didn´t understand all of it but he heard his name in the end & liked that….



…really cool that she wears flatheels with an eveningdress…


Last one…I really like her laid back style. It´s sexy.


Naomi Campbell is also one of the “old” goodies. She rocked the runway!




I think I´ll stop here. I found some really cool black & white photos but I´ll show them in another post!

Since I got so caught up in this I would like to share some model-pictures of my own:

…going for the unavailable pose…

Here I was trying to poze sexy like Angelina Jolie:

And the last one…..I choose this with consideration….


-Call me!!!


So what, a little selfirony hasn´t killed anyone….

-Thea! I LOVE YOU! I´m dying to see your tatoo baby.

And Anni, I miss your strawberry face sooo much! I´ll probably go & write a song about it 😉

Good night my dear friends!!

I´m out.

Heelless shoes? But why?

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So Victoria Beckham has yet again started a new trend (hopefully not), the heelless shoe.

Uma Thurman, Gwyneth Paltrow & Vic are the ‘first’ ones to use them. Or be seen with them. But that´s the same, isn´t it? 😉

Here they are:

Uma Thurmans feet


And Victoria Beckham

Ser det bekvämt och skönt ut?



The designer, Antonio Berardi, must have had a crazy-ass dream….but it´s interesting that he wanted to take these new heel-designs a bit further. He sais that “When you walk it´s almost on tiptoe”, which would be the reason not to.

It´s bad for your back! …that shoe really takes the ‘fashion victim’ to a new level.

Lily Aldridge has a pair also:

Lily Aldridge

Lily Aldridge


Do you want to see how Antonio Berardi looks like?

Le designer himself:


Another shoe from Mr Berardi:


I wonder if you can ski in them? 😉

He did a little interview for wallpaper (good questions guys!), here are some of the answers:

What do you wear to work?
Jeans, sneakers and a white shirt.

Where would your ideal lunch be and who would it be with?
Villa Igiea, Palermo, with Glenn O’Brien, Kate Moss, Sophia Neophitou, and Steven Meisel: great food, wit, beauty, creativity and captured memories.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
I’m hoping it’s yet to happen.

Do you listen to music whilst you work? If so, what are you listening to at the moment?
Absolutely. UNKLE, Ambulance, Jakob Dylan.

…well…that certainly explains the shoes 😉

If you want to read the rest of the interview you can click on a link in the end of this post 🙂 smart huh?

Manolo Blahnik made a (well, several) heelless shoe a while ago, this is from 2006:


Here´s another one of his shoes:


But this one looks “normal”, it has no twist, no edge anymore, now when I´ve seen the other. Antonios heelless shoe feels a bit extraterestial! Some would even say that about Victoria Beckahm. But I won´t lie, I like her & her crazyness.

Here is another heelless shoe that was designed by Manolo. Marc Jacobs has had all of these in different lines..


But could the colours be more mismatched? Seriously?

This is what Manolo Blahnik looks like:


The man is 66 years old! Congrats!

Here´s a close up. He has great skin!:


Here is one of his drawings:

Manolo Blahnik Illustration

Manolo Blahnik Illustration


Walter Steiger design

Walter Steiger Sandal

(looks like you´ve put half a shoe on half an iron)


Another funny shoe-pic with Victoria, a photo shoot for Elle Magazine in Paris:


The designer is Giambattista Valli.

Speaking of high heels…..Victoria must be the queen:


Here are some beautiful shoes, they are called Rose´n´Roll:


The designer is Roger Vivier.



A high heeled shoe chair anyone?


You can actually buy it on that website if you want it!

Speaking of shoes & sizes:



The “foot binding” was a custom practised on young girls in China.



It ended in the early 20th century.



I´m happy to see her smile… :



…because it must have hurt & been terrible to live like this.



If you´d like to read a little about this click here.

To lighten it all up again, Anni, this one is for you:

(if you can´t see this pic just click on the link below!)


From: “bp3blogger”

You KNOW we´d have fun in these!!! ..on the beach or a night out with the girls! Hahahaha… I have a slight memory of me walking in swimfeet, all dressed up in a hotel-hall in Cyprus…?? 😉 I think that was YOUR idea? Well, pity I didn´t know they had a high-heel version…

Borat would look great in these!! And he wouldn´t have to protect them from water!

From: (which is a pretty good name for this look)


The following in the marine-theme:

Hey people with smelly feet! Here´s a trend for you!


No one would ever know……………

Anni, pls come up with a new shoe design!! As you can see, we need it. And so does Victoria, Uma & Gwyneth.

Here is the rest of Antonio Berardis interview! Have a nice day gals!

I´m out!

Purple rain. Seriously.

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Anni dear, I know that this may come as a shock to you, but I have a confession. I have started likeing purple… [standing up] I´m an Anonymous Purplelover. BUT! Far away from a lover….& not so anonymous anymore. But I may convert you too….

The jacket you see would look great to a pair of tight, black jeans & some black ballerinas… you agree? And of course, it really depends on the neuance!

Here are some things I seriously would wear:

By Malene Birger

By Malene Birger Raimonda cropped jacket  



The next one would look sooo good with a short (but higher up on the belly) black leather skirt!


Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor Ruffle sleeve top

The back is cute:

Rebecca Taylor Ruffle sleeve top



The next one is a fab suede bag -& I loove suede!


Honey! -It´s a Ralph Laurent bag

From: Ralph


This one is a bit romantic…vampire…ish………someone we know?


L´Wren Scott

L'Wren Scott Layered lace dress




By Marlene Birger

By Malene Birger Joelle dress


(I´m not so crazy about the arrangement upstairs…I can hear Izzy on my right sholder sayin -SERIOUSLY?)


By Malene Birger Joelle dress



A bit more relaxed:


Vanessa bruno

Vanessa Bruno Athé Cotton T-shirt dress



So now Anni, the question is………do you accept this flower?




Isn´t it beautiful? Looks like it´s made from fabric/paper….the nature creates the most beautiful things…..& Louboutin……

I really wanted to play Prince -Purple rain for you by now, but he´s decited that he won´t allow none of his video/music on the net. (?!!?****?%##”¤!?)

Prince! Dude! Didn´t you change your name to ‘The Revolution’ in the 80´s?? I mean seriously?

Mc Seriousely?!

I´m out!

PS Anni is an AP now too! ..but as you know, far away from a lover and not so anonymous anymore  DS


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Of course, we all love music. You can´t think that you love music more than someone else! But I still do. 😉

I have so many favourite songs that make me crazy…..but here are some of them. Make place for the old dudes, no one will ever make music like they did!!! When I listen to these songs I´m feeling so different, a fire blows up inside of me that really drives me crazy:

Aerosmith – Pink (I LOVE this video!)


Bon Jovi – Always (Keri Russel from Felicity is in this one! So is “Colin” from Beverly Hills!)


Aerosmith – Crazy (I loved this one since I was a little girl & was introduced to Liv Tyler & Alicia Silverstone. )


Oh come on you have to listen to all of them!!! They are sooo good…


Velvet Revolver – Fall to pieces (these are not so old…but 3 of them are from Guns´n´Roses you´ll probably recognize Slash..the singer Scott is fired now & they´re looking for a new one……….anyone? 😉 )

If it doesn´t work click here


The next one is about really bad girls! Aerosmith – Girls of summer

If it doesn´t work click here 


Aerosmith – Cryin


Bon Jovi – Never say goodbye


The next one is live & it´s soo damn goood!!!! It really drives me crazy!! I get like an American wrestlematch, feel like throwing things away & jumping on stuff. Richie Sambora has a REALLY great voice! Richie was married to Heather Locklear for a long time but passed over to her friend Denise Richards. This started a BIG, messy rattle in the states & now she even has a little videoclip here on her homepage about it. What can I say? You don´t take your best friends man. Even if they´ve broken up, you´ll have to choose. And as an exman, or future exman, you don´t take one of your womans friends. End of story. Just a little gossip.



Bon Jovi – Livin on a prayer/Wanted dead or alive


….I´m such a groupie….

But seriousely, think of these cool, crazy rock guys…playin that guitarr sooo hard, and hittin those drums…with their hard attitude, trashy jeans & leather jackets….mostly singin about loooove…. Such teddybears…

I think I´ll stop here this time.

So just so you know, it doesn´t show but I`M A ROCKER BABY, don´t mess with me!! 😉

I´m probably gonna be the most frequent visitor on this page………

I´m f****** out!! YEEEEEEHA!! (-Told you! Crazy.)