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Make up not war!

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This post is a make up medley and I hope you´ll find a lot of inspiration here!

In this post you can watch easy videos that are good instructors for  how to get smokey eyes, how to put on and take off false eye lashes, how to put on a good daily make up, inspiring photos of celebrity and faux pas etc.

To start off short I really love the result after a 5 minute make up, on a daily basis that´s all that you need.  Sure I could go a whole day without make up but it´s sooo boring! And It´s an important morning routine for me because if I don´t put on my make up in the morning, my body goes in to a laid back & tired mode. I love to be inspired in my everyday use of beauty aids 😉 not just when I’m going out or on a party. I tear out photos from my magazines and keep them in my room or in my wallet, just as a little reminder.

In that spirit I found a wicked starters photo from MAC:

Dazzleglass lipgloss

Dazzleglass lipgloss


My favourite brands are so many, I wouldn´t know where to start. Some of them have a lot of good work (PR and such) behind their brands, some less. Have you ever thougth about what makes you notice a brand?

I don´t reject the work behind a brand and the atmosphere or feeling a brand can give me, I could buy a certain make up because of the feeling that the brand and design gives me, even if I can choose another one that´s cheaper. Sometimes I don´t. It depends on what movies I´ve seen lately or the different influences that surrond me.

I really like the thought behind the Make up Store boutiques…they feel professional and aesthetic.

Here´s a photo of their butique. They have to look the same everywhere, it´s in their companys profile-policy:


I just bought a new perfume from Make up Store, it´s called “I do“. It´s actually from their wedding line, shocker huh? 😉 …It smells absolutely marvellous! I´ve never had such romantic, fresh, women-ly fragrance in my nasal hair before. It looks like this:

I do

I do

From: my bedroom

Back to the makeup! (I warned you, this post is really a medley)

1 Number one product: This is a good product to start with, the primer:



Many of us only use primers on our eyes to make the eye shadow sit putt, but one for the whole face is luxury! It makes your face feel like silicone, maybe not the best parable but silky as hell. And it helps the make up to stay in its place, it´s a functional base product. You put it on after your daily facial cream & just before your make up base.

2 Number two is a really good foundation or powder, depending on your skin type. Many products are good and don´t have to be expensive to prove that, the standards today are fantastic even at low prices. But a mineral foundation doesn´t damage your skin as much. To be honest I don´t use those because I find them a bit oily.

This is one of my favourite foundations:


Because it keeps my oily parts shine free and doesn’t feel like a layer of cake in my face.

My concearler rescue is this guy:


It’s called Cover All Mix.

TIP FOR THE SUMMER: in the middle of the day it’s so hot and sunny in the summer so I don’t like wearing foundation. Many of us don’t even need a foundation on a sun tanned skin, although the corner of our eyes can be red or uneven. Instead I bought this wonderful product that I absolutely love.

  • it makes your eye make up stay put (even without a foundation)
  • it gives you a fresh over all look because of the lighter contour of your eye
  • it evens up your skin nuances
  • just don’t put on too much, don’t over do the amount

Stay don’t stray primer & concealer from Benefit:


This is how you should use it:


It makes the contour of your eye lighter for an over all fresh look, and really keeps the eye make up on all day! It’s one of my most favourite products in the base range. A must for your complete make up bag.

3 Number three is a nice eye shadow (better yet a coulpe of- ).

I love the black eye shadows:


Doutzen Kroes:



Some think that this kind of black make up is too heavy to wear in the middle of the day, but really it isn´t! If you let the lips stay in a natural color or wear this kind of beige lipstick or lipgloss, it won´t be too much. Even think about wearing a light blush in this case. But save the sparkeling black eye shadow for glowing in the night……

This is a really nice party shadow:


The cat-eye-look is so nice to all styles: hardrock, fashionista, doll, punk…. It depends on the rest of the details and color combinations on what personality you have, for example the lip and skin color.

Gwen Stefani:



The black smokey eyes look really nice with a bright pink blush, kinda like this:


Here´s a video of how you can get smoky eyes!:

I see a lot of girls that don´t have the right daily makeup base. Either the foundation is too covering or uneven (or the wrong color). Or the eyebrows are porly or badly marked or just too much (even here some choose a wrong color). It´s a bit hard to find your best daily makeup… (you´ll find a good video a bit further down)

Be inspired of these lovely ladies, and detect every single spot of color, shimmering or matt areas, just to be aware of the look and the way you can work with make up.

The natural makeup

I love this photo of Kate Bosworth:



Kate Hudson:


J´adore Doutzen Kroes romantic & fresh look:


Jennifer Aniston:


They are role models for the natural make up. If you look really close and see the faces as a canvas you can find the details that will make your own make up look exactly the way you want it.

I found a video that I think is really good for a “normal” daily make up:

Do you agree?

These products are what I choose from for my daily make up these days:


From: my bedroom also 😉

4 Number four are the lips and cheeks

Girls, don´t forgett the lips… I guarantee you that you´ll feel a lot sexier if you mark them. Maybe “sexier” is the wrong word because it depends on how you color them. They can also make you feel and look more fresh.

Do you know what your lips cupid´s bow is?


I found this pic that includes all the steps you need for wonderful lips. I haven´t tried the product so I can´t comment on it, I´m not telling you to necessarily buy it, but you can look for similar make up products for your lips as this:


Color your lips ladies! Wether you like them to be shiny, mate, colorful or conservative. You can use a color that´s similar to your own lip color. -What´s the point then? Well, it enhances the color in your face (cheeks, eyes, skin, hair) even if you use a natural color.

Just make sure the color doesn´t make your face look grey, pink or yellow. Point taken also for your teeth 😉


To make your lip color stay on your lips you can use an invisible lipliner (it works because it´s waxy and locks the color in a perfect line). I have it my self and it works really well:


I found a tutorial video that I really liked because of the fresh result. A gorgeous Italian girl shares it on You Tube, so for you who don´t speak Italian, no worries, just watch te steps. I would love this result when having a bit of a tan 😉

Notice the technique, you can use it with different colors.

Here is a video of how you can make your lips look fuller, if that´s what you want:

The lipstick has also a refreshing effect if it’s a natural color


The cheeks are also not to forget. Here is one of my favourite blushes:

Dandelion from Benefit


It’s a soft pink with a bit of golden hint, just to make your cheek shine if the light would hit the face gracefully. I just love it.

Put this kind of blush on after a bronzer!

Apply the bronzer where you usually get a sun tann.

Another must in the cheek business is a highlighter. I have two ones in my bag right now:

A compact powder highlighter from Sephora


A creamy highlighter from FACE Stockholm


I found a great photo of where you should apply your highlighter 🙂

It really makes a difference, it makes your skin look amazing. A disadvantage would be if you have a nasty break out, in my oppinion, it makes your skin look oily and un even 😦 But try these spots and see what happens:


Use it for a sexy, mysterious look (yes you can see it in the dark you only need a liiiiiittle light from anywhere):


Or use it to look really fresh in the middle of the day:


Let´s move on to brushes.

There are many people who don´t know the importance of make up brushes. It took me a while before I got it! This is a great pic of how you use the different brushes for different lines:



The party or eyecatcher-makeup:

I love strong colors in the make up, if you can wear it right. That is to choose the right outfit for it & to be able to make it look smart, not like a victim…

I adore Thandie Newton:



This is only an inspirational photo. You can use the same thought but change the colors! Use different shades of brown, grey, black, blue…. Do something different for the next party!


If you don´t want the makeup to show that much it´s also cool to wear a pale brown or grey color on the eyelid and a color like blue, green or turqoise on your lower eyeline.

Rachel Bilson:


Lonneke Engel, one of my absolute favourite models (the brown terracotta sun powder makes the blue color look more clear):



Here´s someone who is definetly not afraid of color!

Katy Perry (although I really think it looks like Zooey Deschanel):


Here she is from MTV European Music Awards 2008:

Katy Perry MTV Music Awards 2008


They really look….the same:


Color is fun!! Don´t stop at the makeup, do like Kate Perry! The details are important, like these wicked shoes (they don´t HAVE to be rave, it depends on how you match them. Humor ladies! 🙂 Don´t forget to have fun.


From: (Very cool pic, thanks!)

Here´s another colorful (besides that my hand looks totally dead) detail that I use sometimes:


From: my apartment 😉

Let´s go to the Sexy eyeliner department:

Thandie Newton again. She´s so delicate, she has a wonderful sense of style & makeup:



And when it comes to that nice eyeliner, don´t be afraid to try different colors or shimmering eyeliners:


Speaking of strong colors I haven´t mentioned the red lipstick yet:

Gwen Stefani again:



I like this Ashlee Simpson look:


Kate Bosworth again:


That´s also wearable to every style (colorful lipstick)! It gives every look a classic touch.

Kat Von D:


Audrina Patridge:

Television personality Audrina Patridge arrives at the after party celebrating Lauren Conrad's fashion week debut at Eleven on March 11, 2008 in West Hollywood, California.


Taylor Swift tries on a little more edgier eyeliner, but I don´t like it so much…a bit too Amy Winehouse for me:


Here´s another photo of her where her eye shadow matches her dress, cute:


And the Photoshoped photo of BEAUTIFUL Alexis Bledel, I love the pale, porcelain doll look:

From : accidentalsexiness

This girl is truely gorgeous. Nothice that wonderful “clean” lusture on the forehead, cheeks, nose & chin easily made with a serum:


From: I´m sorry, I Googled it a long time ago.

To achieve that lusture I use Flavo C. It´s the best serum I´ve ever tried:



Even Kristin Kreuk is out of this world, love her colors & shimmering make:


Here´s a cool photo of Tyra Banks wearing a little extra shimmer, maximized by the effect of the eye shadow & concealer:


Eyelashes could be scary:

Many say that there isn´t such a big difference between false and true eyelashes since you can use mascara, but there is! It´s that little extra something, you have to try it to see it for yourselves:


How do you normally fix your eyelashes? Have you ever tried false ones?

Here´s a very good video showing you how you can put them on & some good pointers!

(After seeing this video, look closely at the celebrity photos further down, you can really see both eyelashes in photo no 3.)

And here is how you can take them off. Not the best sound but a quick & really easy video:


Cool pic from the Elle magazine:


Here are some different wearable eyelashes. Can you tell who the celebrities are?


Before and after photos:

Burlesque star (and ex wife to the lovely Marilyn Manson…) Dita Von Teese has a classic image. I´m very happy to show this picture that I found of her, this is what she used to look like:



She was 18 years old in the left pic! I´ve been wondering how she looked like when she was yonger and “peeled off”. Her name is actually Heather Renee Sweet. Have you seen the movie ‘Can´t buy me love’ ? She looks a bit like her!! I wonder how she and Marilyn Manson got fond of each other…

Speaking of the devils…..Mr M uses a lot of makeup! He could make a “TV Shop” kind of video with pointers on “how to” and what to buy…..I would definetly watch it…..anybody….no?



Well look at him, green turned out to be a great color for his eyes! 😉 I wonder how he started his makeup….style?….

Ok so I have to say that he´s very entertaining & intelligent. He knows what he´s doing with his personal brand, unlike some of us 😉

I like some of his songs, as a true musiclover with many tastes. But. Dude….seriously….I do wonder how he looks behind his fasade…

Marilyn Manson, or should I write Brian Warner? :



I usually don´t like how “they” use these kind of pictures of celebrity:

..but in the same time I love to se the before and after change. A tan WILL help you a long way.. But to take better care of your body tan yourself with a cream 😉

Most of us look better with makeup!! Period. But celebrity “are” a brand, a victim behind their names in some ways. They always have to look their best. Really challenging. But they do look really good & we love looking at beauty. That´s why these kind of pics are sooo juicy.

There is an art in make up-ing! It´s like a painter´s craft:

Jennifer Lopez


Makeup does the difference! Why not wear it? I see a lot of old-ish ladies that don´t wear makeup, that would look SO good if they did! I´d like to walk up to them and say: – do you know HOW STUNNING you would look with a little color in your face?! …but of course…only in my dreams 😉

Oh I just found Dita Von Teese without makeup:


She looks so sweet 🙂 much younger. As a lot of us do without make up!

Find your best look and be true to yourself. We all make mistakes -and learn from them.

I had to find some make up disasters to protect the make up as an art, be ware.

Lindsay Lohan (like Simon said in American Idol -it’s like a cat barking, it shouldn’t happen):


Jennifer Lopez, every single nuance is all wrong:


Mischa Barton, too much of everything! The eyebrows are uneven, the eye shadow too:


Pamela Anderson:


Oh Pammy dearest….this looks more like a battle than make up……girl go back to your cage…. 😉 rawr

Makeup faux pas:

1: choose the right color on your foundation! It should be the same color as the nuance on your jawline, so that it won´t look like a mask! If you think it´s too bright, just put on that sun-powder on the forehead, nose and cheeks. That does the difference, do not choose a darker foundation.

2: eyebrows are really important. They frame your face & eyes. Form them by brushing the color on with your pencil, very easily. Look at Micha Bartons photo and do the opposite 😉

3: eyeliner is great, but the line has to be straight. The buckles show! Also the eyeshadow has to be symmetric. Don´t put on too much shadow from the start. Don´t brush it on, pat it on if you’re insecure (on the eyelid).

4: your blush must not look like two lines. Brush it on while smileing on the top of your cheeks 🙂 Use a little bit on your forehead (near your hair line) & in between your eyelids & eyebrows. The sun-powder does the rest.

5: you lipstick & lip pencil shouldn´t be around your mouth like a moat.

6: when you cover your red spots don´t overdo it so you´ll have light beige dotts on your face.

Hey if you´re interested of more make up videos check this site out:

I also wanted to post a video on how to do a groovy pin-up make up that Kandee Johnson made, they are a bit harder to accomplish than an every day make up.

I love Kandee Johnson. Watch her videos for inspiration!

Here are some cool & beautifol retro photos for inspiration:

Here’s Alexis Bledel as Rosie the Riveter in Glamour


Kirsten Stewart from Twilight, as a 1950:s retro girl in Vanity Fair


Frieda Pinto for Vanity Fair


Isla Fisher also for Vanity Fair


Hayden Panettiere for Vanity Fair


You can se all 32 shots HERE from Vanity Fair.

I´ll stop here for now but I keep building up this post all the time so stay in touch.

Love to y´all!!

I leave you with some good, atmospheric retro tunes:

Original Etta James. Beyonacé -At last