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Of course, we all love music. You can´t think that you love music more than someone else! But I still do. 😉

I have so many favourite songs that make me crazy…..but here are some of them. Make place for the old dudes, no one will ever make music like they did!!! When I listen to these songs I´m feeling so different, a fire blows up inside of me that really drives me crazy:

Aerosmith – Pink (I LOVE this video!)


Bon Jovi – Always (Keri Russel from Felicity is in this one! So is “Colin” from Beverly Hills!)


Aerosmith – Crazy (I loved this one since I was a little girl & was introduced to Liv Tyler & Alicia Silverstone. )


Oh come on you have to listen to all of them!!! They are sooo good…


Velvet Revolver – Fall to pieces (these are not so old…but 3 of them are from Guns´n´Roses you´ll probably recognize Slash..the singer Scott is fired now & they´re looking for a new one……….anyone? 😉 )

If it doesn´t work click here


The next one is about really bad girls! Aerosmith – Girls of summer

If it doesn´t work click here 


Aerosmith – Cryin


Bon Jovi – Never say goodbye


The next one is live & it´s soo damn goood!!!! It really drives me crazy!! I get like an American wrestlematch, feel like throwing things away & jumping on stuff. Richie Sambora has a REALLY great voice! Richie was married to Heather Locklear for a long time but passed over to her friend Denise Richards. This started a BIG, messy rattle in the states & now she even has a little videoclip here on her homepage about it. What can I say? You don´t take your best friends man. Even if they´ve broken up, you´ll have to choose. And as an exman, or future exman, you don´t take one of your womans friends. End of story. Just a little gossip.



Bon Jovi – Livin on a prayer/Wanted dead or alive


….I´m such a groupie….

But seriousely, think of these cool, crazy rock guys…playin that guitarr sooo hard, and hittin those drums…with their hard attitude, trashy jeans & leather jackets….mostly singin about loooove…. Such teddybears…

I think I´ll stop here this time.

So just so you know, it doesn´t show but I`M A ROCKER BABY, don´t mess with me!! 😉

I´m probably gonna be the most frequent visitor on this page………

I´m f****** out!! YEEEEEEHA!! (-Told you! Crazy.)