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Christmas Gifts

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So Christmas is closing in & I´m thinking about gifts, the ones I would like to get & also give away. But since we´re all so damn broke nowadays I´ll do a little window shopping with you guys as usual!

If I can inspire some of you I´ll drop dead of happyness.

1. I absolutely love personalized gifts, don´t you? They feel so sincere & …yeah…personal! I adore this cute necklace & you can choose your own inscription:



They also have matching bracelets that are so so cute. I could buy one for myself as a Christmas present & one for my best friend or my mom!



From the same store I found this supercute personalized (so cool) Ipod dock:



It looks like an old fashioned toy! Retro & supercute.

2. At party´s I´m always the one that sitts in front of the computer & handles the music. I absolutely love it. No wonder why I stuck to this gift:



It´s a twin Ipod audio mixer! I´d love this one…..

3. To the more cozy corner of life, who doesn´t love a cool, nice, sexy or pretty bed?? It´s one of the funniest things to dress in everybody´s home. It makes the difference!! And it doesn´t have to be this expensive:


Coming back to personalized gifts, make something funny or romantic for your pals! Your favourite photo, model or your favourite actor. Now you could finally stop lieing that you´re in bed with Madonna  😉 :

Even they are in the bedding business:


I tell ya, it´s an endless business.

Easy ways to make someone happy. Helping them making it neat in their home.

4. Make a poster or take a cool picture for your friend, buy a nice frame & give it awaaaaay:


There are a lot of cool frames out there. But if you can´t find any that´ll fit buy one make out of plain wood & paint & decorate it any way you want to.

Here are som cool frames:


Danish design is really the best! Look at their site for mor info.

5. Why not buy your friend some really cool candles? With or without scent:



This one is funny! For all the wine blottles that are too beautiful to throw away (yes, there are some!):


A little classy:


Voluspa has nice luxury candles:


Very classy from Elemis Twilight Trio Candle Companions:


This one is manly! Scented by Ylany-Ylang, wood & leather:

Lumiere Noir Pus


6. Or a scarf! You can ware a nice scarf to anything to lift up the styling! If you´re not sure about the color, match it with his/her eyes.



It doesn´t have to be so rough & Christmas-ly, If you choose a lean fabric it can be worn all year long.


7. Or how about a nice pair of underwear! With the tag on (& a sticker over the price from the store) they can always change to the right size if it´s not…



Underwear is fun!

victorias secret


8. Make up, or make up things, some good brushes (the make up -istas would love it!)…. Remember that there are mineral-make up that even take care of your skin! Look for that!

Make up brushes


9. Something that smells good in the shower, bath or for the hair is nice!


From: (hey, nice blog girl!)

For the real music- & movielovers it is always nice ot get some good soundtracks from series or movies or a DVD-box. Since everbody´s downloading they don´t spend money on that sort of stuff anymore, but it´s still really NICE to have the real deal in your home. Again, for the real music- & movie lovers.

10. Why not a movie + the soundtrack of it in a Christmas gift? It´s a great gift & will be used many years to come.




A song from season 1:

I want to buy so many things for my friends, family & me!! But I can´t take financial suicide.  If you´re on the same level right now I hope you´ve enjoyed our window shopping spree, but if you have the cash let it flow baby. When this finantial (?=¤%)#((/=)¤ ) is over, I´ll be back to shine 😉

….the giving away business is endless. How can you not have any idea what Christmas gifts to buy? If I´ve missed something, let me know.

Until then, I´ll be watching some great movies, dreamin away & going out dancing!

Have you seen Jerry Maguire? Hahahahaaaahaahaaa many good scenes.

Jerry Maguire – Show me the Money

Tom Cruise is celebrating 25 years of making movies. He´s done some excellent ones too.

Ok, I´ll leave you now. Bya dears!